A fantastic range of bathroom furniture from The Bath Store

The Bath StoreThere really is a bathroom to suit everyone from the Bath Store. From separate pieces, to whole suites, to whole sets of bathroom furniture; they have whatever you’re looking for. From the traditional to the ultra-modern, they’ve got every style covered. Here’s a quick list of my top picks from the Bath Store. I wish I had the space to fit them all in!

I found it very difficult to decide between the whirlpool baths and the old fashioned roll-top freestanding baths, but one I saw this one, I knew it had to be. The Salisbury slipper bath with traditional cast iron feet. This is truly the bath of my dreams. Its slipper shape design makes for ultimate comfort and indulgence, and just screams old fashioned Hollywood glamour. It calls out for bubble bath and champagne (and the Milk Tray man coming in the window). I also love the Landmark bath – it reminds me of the old tin baths of the forties.

  1. Head on over to the Bathroom Store also for the timeless Savoy Edwardian bathroom suite. I do seem to be on a very vintage theme here, but I just absolutely love this Edwardian suite. It really does seem luxurious, like it belongs in an old fashioned country house, and stands out from the crowd of contemporary bathrooms.
  2. Myplan oak furniture. Toilets and sinks which are part of the furniture are very much the fashion these days, and I can see why. They’re highly functional, space-saving and aesthetically beautiful. This particular design offers basin units, wall cabinets, toilet furniture, mirrors, worktops, mirrored cabinets and countertops from which to mix and match. It comes with a lovely wood grain effect finish and seems very Scandinavian.
  3. Virgo LED illuminated mirror. Yes, the Bath Store do mirrors too. This particular mirror has a very cool, modern LED effect, with tiny lights that illuminate a border around its edge. To me, this seems like something you would see in a high class design hotel. I would love to have one in my own home.
  4. Beta ceramic bowl, top and stand. I love this washbowl; it is just so elegant. To me, this seems like something that wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional Japanese home. It would make a great centrepiece for any bathroom, especially teamed with some very simple, modern furniture.
  5. Cloud 3000 square shower head. This is just an absolutely fantastic piece with an extremely wide head that will allow the shower to drench you all over like, as the name suggests, a cloudburst.
  6. Playtime integrated shower head column. This is a shower head that is actually integrated into a walk in shower or wet room, for a completely seamless look. They Playtime shower enclosures are my favourite. They are just so minimal they seem to blend into the bathroom.

If I could choose them all, I would! It just goes to show, there really is a massive amount to choose from at the Bathroom Store. If you’re looking for a bathroom that will really stand out, the Bath Store’s the place to go.

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