Bathroom inspiration from The Bathroom Store

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern and minimalist or romantic and glamorous traditional bathroom, there’s inspiration available from The Bathroom Store in five different styles.
Their first inspirational idea is the wetroom. Basically, wetrooms are bathrooms that have been waterproofed to allow walk in shower enclosures to be installed. Although this sounds like a substantial task, it is actually easier to install than it sounds. In fact, the whole room doesn’t need to be waterproof, only the area where the water hits. The shower is placed behind a glass panel known as a wetroom panel or walk-in shower enclosure, while the floor of the shower area itself gently slopes down to allow the shower to drain. This means that the rest of the room does not need to be waterproof, but the illusion of the fully waterproof room remains. Sometimes only for design reasons homeowners will choose to have the whole bathroom made waterproof anyway. Tiles and waterproof laminate flooring are becoming more and more popular choices for bathrooms even without walk in showers. The wetroom is an incredibly stylish idea, especially for larger bathrooms, and really gives a bathroom a stunning contemporary edge.
The second inspirational idea from The Bathroom Store is the timeless traditional bathroom with vintage fittings such as a freestanding bath and traditional towel rail. There are various types of traditional bathroom design available from The Bathroom Store including the Imperial, Heritage, TC Bathrooms and Burlington Bathrooms ranges. Heritage bathrooms are perennially popular, perhaps because of their pure luxuriousness. Contemporary bathrooms look great, but their clean, straight lines can often seem somewhat clinical compared to the curving indulgence of a traditional bathroom suite.
Beyond the traditional bathroom, however, The Bathroom Store offer the luxury bathroom as the ultimate example of bathroom glamour. These bathrooms are designed to be everything you could ever need in a bathroom. They are spacious and softly carpeted, with wonderful floor to ceiling windows and freestanding baths. These bathroom designs have been created to show you what is truly possible in bathroom design. The bathroom no longer has to be a purely functional room; turn your bathroom into a luxury suite with The Bathroom Store.
Of course The Bathroom Store does understand that not everyone has the space for a huge, indulgent luxury bathroom, but they have accommodated for this with their cloakroom bathroom designs. Just because your bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it can’t look great. You just have to accommodate for its size in your bathroom design with extra small sized basins and wall-hung toilets or concealed cisterns. There is plenty of compact bathroom furniture available today that can allow you to fit an extra bathroom into the smallest of spaces, and a tiny bathroom can be just as beautiful as a large one.
As you can see, there is a bathroom for every state of mind, budget and space at The Bathroom Store. Have a look at their website for images of the bathroom types discussed, and for even more inspirational ideas.

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