History of showers


Showers have been around for as long as people have, but not in the form we recognise today. Ancient people discovered that washing under a waterfall was far more effective than simply bathing in standing water. They then tried to imitate this phenomenon by pouring jugs and barrels of water over themselves. It is thought [...]

Save space in your bathroom with a bi fold shower enclosure


Are you struggling with the type of clumsy bathroom where your shower door opens onto your sink, and you have to practically climb over the toilet in order to leave the room? It sounds as though you need a bathroom redesign, because even tiny bathrooms can be elegant with the right features. If you have [...]

Why choose a walk in shower enclosure?

walk in shower

Walk in shower enclosures are slightly more unusual than the shower trays more commonly used in today’s bathrooms, so what makes them different, and why do some people choose to walk into their showers while others like to step in? Well, firstly because the walk in shower does not have an actual ‘tray’ to hold [...]

How to choose a shower enclosure

If you are looking to remove a bath to replace it with a shower enclosure for the first time, or perhaps are simply looking to update your bathroom, you may be looking for some pointers on how to choose the right shower enclosures.

Well, the first thing you need to consider is of course the [...]

Walk in shower enclosures for contemporary style

These days, the height in bathroom fashion is a walk in shower enclosure. Gone are the days of having to stumble in and out of a bath, slipping and sliding in the process, and clinging on to a mouldy shower curtain. The fashion nowadays is for the simplicity and clean lines embodied by the walk [...]