Concealed cisterns for small bathrooms

concealed cistern

Most people these days have close coupled toilets, and have never considered installing any other kind of toilet. Close coupled toilets are where concealed cisterns are attached to the back of the toilet bowl for convenient and easy flushing. However, toilet cisterns actually take up quite a bit of room and that makes all the [...]

Why are close coupled toilets so popular?


To explain why close coupled toilet designs are popular, I’ll first explain what a close coupled toilet is. The close coupled toilet is most likely the type of toilet that you have in your own home; it’s the most common type of toilet these days, the type that has the cistern attached to the [...]

What is a close coupled toilet?

If you’ve been going through some bathroom design magazines and have noticed the term ‘close coupled toilet,’ you may be wondering exactly what it is, if you’ve got one, and what other types of toilet are available. Well, the close coupled toilet is more than likely what you do have – it’s simply the modern [...]