How to choose a shower enclosure

Shower enclosuresIf you are looking to remove a bath to replace it with a shower enclosure for the first time, or perhaps are simply looking to update your bathroom, you may be looking for some pointers on how to choose the right shower enclosures.

Well, the first thing you need to consider is of course the size of your bathroom. If space is an issue, you may like to consider perhaps a curving shower enclosure. These can be fitted neatly into the corner of your bathroom, maximising space. They also open inwards, or have sliding doors, so opening the door wouldn’t be a problem. However, you do also need to consider the style of your bathroom. A curving enclosure would work best if you have other curved fittings – a large ceramic sink bowl, for example. If you have a square basin, square fittings and a square toilet, a curving enclosure would probably not fit the look of the rest of your bathroom.

However, there are plenty of square shower enclosures that are also designed to maximise space, with sliding doors, inward opening doors, pivot doors and bi-fold doors with a wide variety of shower trays. It may seem contrary to common sense, but actually a walk in shower or wet room can be a very good choice for a smaller room. You will have to tile the whole floor (or lay some other sort of waterproof flooring), but generally this means that the floor space of your shower can be much smaller (a shower tray will take up a certain amount of room), although you will need enough room so that one side alone will stop the water from covering your entire bathroom.

If you do find that you have enough room for this, a walk in shower gives the illusion of space, as it is almost totally transparent. A fully tiled floor can also look very chic, and saves the danger of water logging other floor coverings such as wood and carpet which constantly need replacing. Tiles are also easier to keep clean.

If you have a larger room, you have the option of choosing pretty much any type of shower enclosure you desire. Bear in mind, however, that a larger shower enclosures suit a larger room. A small enclosure stuck in the corner can look out of place. A spacious curved enclosure is a good option for a large room, as it can give a particularly luxurious feel. Again, however, make sure that it matches the rest of your bathroom fittings. As a general rule, curved goes with curved, and square goes with square. A walk-in enclosure can go with either.

Whatever your needs, there is a shower enclosure to suit you. Remember to shop around and have a look at different styles before you decide. It’s always a good idea to visit a show room to get a good idea of the actual feel of a shower first before purchasing it. It should also give you a good sense of what shower enclosures go with what bathroom furniture, and give you some good ideas.

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