Choosing shower trays

shower traysIf you have already chosen your new shower enclosure and shower system, it is now time for you to choose the last piece of the puzzle – the shower tray. This may seem like a very simple item, but actually there is a wide range of choice available and your choice can very much influence the look and feel of your new shower.

Among the various options available, one popular choice can be recessed shower trays. This does not mean that your actual shower will be set in to your floor, but rather that the shower tray will be set up from the floor, and will dip downwards inside. The advantage of this is that if your drain begins to clog, there will be a large tray to hold water before it begins to spill over. Some of the shallower trays will leak immediately out onto your flooring if the drain clogs even a small amount. A recessed shower tray also tends to give the enclosed feeling of being ‘in’ a shower that many people enjoy.

Of the recessed trays, a great many have an adjustable height, so you can decide after purchasing just how high you would like your shower to sit above the floor.

A shallower shower trays do have their advantages, however. Because it is shallower, it has a sleeker, more minimal appearance that tends to blend into the floor rather than sit above it.  Because you don’t have to step over the side of the tray to get into the shower, they are also more convenient for the older generation. In fact, they are more convenient for anyone who is prone to tripping! A specially designed low-profile tray, meanwhile, stays even further at floor level. In fact, they tend not to seem like ‘trays’ at all, but merely flooring for your shower. Again, these are a very popular choice and very contemporary.

After you have chosen the depth of your shower tray, you must then choose the shape. The shape is, of course, already defined by the type of shower enclosure you have chosen. If you are in the position of choosing the tray first, then you can make your choice of enclosure based on this. There are some great trays available in all shapes, from square to pentagonal and quadrant. The pentagonal is designed specifically to fit strange spaces in a small bathroom. Generally, both the pentagonal and quadrant shapes tend to take up less space than a square or rectangular shower tray shape, although large sized options of both are available.

The final choice to make is the colour of your shower tray. They are now available in a few different shades including white, beige, grey and black. While white is the usual choice, black would work well with dark tiles or flooring. The idea is for the tray to blend as much as possible with the rest of your bathroom. If you have grey or beige fittings, therefore, a grey or beige shower tray would be the best choice.

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