Concealed cisterns for small bathrooms

Most people these days have close coupled toilets, and have never considered installing any other kind of toilet. Close coupled toilets are where concealed cisterns are attached to the back of the toilet bowl for convenient and easy flushing. However, toilet cisterns actually take up quite a bit of room and that makes all the difference in a very small bathroom. Have you ever considered how much space you would free up if your toilet cistern was concealed?
One way of doing this is to have your toilet wall hung. This means that the cistern is concealed within the wall, and the toilet bowl simply hangs onto the wall itself. Ultimately this frees up a lot of room in any bathroom, and also looks very chic and contemporary. It does involve quite a major amount of work, as the wall needs to be opened up in order to have the cistern embedded in it, and also needs to be strengthened in order to take the weight of a person. If you are in the middle of doing a major renovation of your bathroom anyway, it’s a great time to consider a wall hung toilet. Once the work is done, it’s done, and you will no doubt reap the benefits in terms of space for many years to come.
Another way of concealing the toilet cistern is to have it embedded into a vanity unit or cabinet. While this doesn’t technically free up the space the cistern occupied in your bathroom, it does tend to create more space by fitting storage space tightly around the toilet cistern. This is space that would otherwise have gone unused. With the toilet cistern embedded into a vanity unit, the toilet bowl itself simply hangs from the front of the vanity unit, making the whole thing one piece of bathroom furniture. The vanity unit is attached to the wall for security, so that the whole thing can take the weight of someone sitting on it.
It’s a great idea to have both your toilet and your basin embedded into a vanity unit. It simply means that instead of plumbing taking up space, it is neatly hidden away, and all the space around it can be used to pack bathroom accessories into.
Of course, space saving is not the only reason to consider concealed cisterns. It is also a very simple way of creating a more sleek-looking, minimalist bathroom. A bidet can be put side by side with a toilet with a concealed cistern in larger bathrooms, creating a particularly luxurious atmosphere. You could also choose to have both toilet and bidet attached to one of the very stylish continuous bathroom vanity units that are now available, perhaps one that even takes up the whole length of one bathroom wall.

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