Our day at the Bath Store

I’ve never really considered myself to be ‘into’ interior design or anything, but it’s funny how things can change once you buy a house. My husband and I bought a nice old tenement flat recently for a very decent price. It didn’t need major redesign or anything, but its fittings were a little shabby. I just couldn’t face scraping the mildew off the bathroom taps, so I decided we should just get new ones and we headed to the Bath Store to pick some out.
Of course, things never go the way you plan them, and as soon as we got to the Bath Store I had a funny feeling I wouldn’t be satisfied leaving with just taps. Their bathrooms made ours look beyond shabby, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before. Our suite was actually dark beige; that nasty colour of a seventies bathroom. There was peeling wallpaper everywhere and ripped lino on the floor. There was an unfortunate lingering odour that I think had got into the floorboards. But as I said, having never owned my own home before I’d never really paid much attention to the finer points of my bathroom.
We strolled around the aisles of the Bath Store and ideas began to fill my head. What if we got rid of that horrid old frosted glass window and let some light in (after all, no one can see you on the third floor)? What if we lifted up that nasty lino and sanded down the floorboards to reveal their former glory? What if we tiled all the walls and installed a cool walk-in shower? What if we got a big roll-top bath instead of that shabby little beige number? If anything, the Bath Store had given me too many ideas. I had so many visions for the bathroom that I couldn’t actually decide what I really wanted.
My husband, ever the sensible one, agreed that we probably did need a new bathroom but that we should choose a few things we liked and measure them, then go home and try to picture the fittings in our bathroom before we went ahead and bought anything. I took some measurements and grabbed a catalogue so I wouldn’t forget how things looked, and we headed home to have a good look at our scabby old bathroom.
It took a while to choose between all the options available, but eventually I decided to go for a traditional bathroom to go with the style of a traditional tenement flat. We had the frosted glass window taken out and replaced with a proper clear window, and the light streamed in. We had the horrible old suite taken away and replaced with a shiny new, but traditional style Edwardian suite. I painted the walls bright red (which you may think is a little much for a bathroom, but actually it suits the style perfectly) and had some funky black and white tiles installed. Now that I’ve started on the bathroom, I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the house!

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