Save space in your bathroom with a bi fold shower enclosure

Are you struggling with the type of clumsy bathroom where your shower door opens onto your sink, and you have to practically climb over the toilet in order to leave the room? It sounds as though you need a bathroom redesign, because even tiny bathrooms can be elegant with the right features.
If you have a full-sized basin in your tiny bathroom, this is an immediate mistake. Nowadays there are loads of great miniature basins on offer for smaller bathrooms, and there really is no need to have a large basin in a bathroom. After all, a tiny basin can perform the same functions just as well. Smaller basins also look more elegant and suited to the space.

Another mistake is to have a separate three piece suite in a very small bathroom. In days gone by, everyone would try to jam a bath, toilet and full sized basin into a small bathroom, but we have now learned that this does not make good design or functional sense. I would advise not to have a bath at all in a small bathroom, but if you are very attached to your bath then why not consider having a miniature bath installed? These are the same depth as a normal bath, but shorter. Most people don’t actually need the full length of a normal bath anyway.  It could also be worth installing a bi-fold shower enclosure as these can save a great deal of space compared to a standard shower enclosure.
Your toilet can also be reduced in size by combining it with another piece of bathroom furniture. For example, a toilet can nowadays be attached to a vanity unit where you can keep all your bathroom accessories tidily tucked away. The cistern is concealed within the vanity unit, making the whole piece look far tidier and more compact. You could also consider installing a wall-hung toilet in your very small bathroom. A wall-hung toilet is where the cistern is embedded into the wall itself, and the toilet bowl is attached to and held up by the wall. It does involve strengthening the wall, as it will have to be able to take the weight of a person sitting on it. However, having the toilet cistern embedded into the wall can save a great deal of space.
Finally, it’s very important to consider the shape of shower enclosures and shower trays if you have a very small bathroom. You may have been fooled into thinking that the most compact shape for a shower is a simple square, but in fact a square shower enclosure takes up quite a lot of room. The best shape for a small bathroom is actually a quadrant shower enclosure; this takes up the least floor space. If you happen to have a square-shaped area in your bathroom into which it would be perfect to fit a shower, that’s fine. Simply install a square shaped shower enclosure with bi fold doors. Bi fold shower enclosures are where the doors fold in on themselves rather than opening out, greatly saving on bathroom space.
As you can see, there really are plenty of great options available for even the tiniest of bathrooms. There is no need to have a cluttered, jam-packed bathroom any longer. Get down to your nearest bathroom showroom to have a look at the options available.

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