Stylish Shower Enclosures

Stylish Shower Enclosures for Every Bathroom

Shower enclosureIf you’re currently still climbing into the bath every time you need a shower and, like most people, rarely if ever use the bath, your bathroom is crying out for a makeover. Not only is a bath slippery to get in and out of for a shower, a shower curtain is not ideal for protecting your flooring, and is a magnet for mould.

Not to mention that most people have very small bathrooms these days with barely enough room to contain a bath. Don’t forget that many of these baths were squeezed in back in the days when people didn’t always have a shower. Nowadays, most people find that showers are far quicker and easier, so I would suggest that unless you really love your bath and use it all the time (and have a large, majestic bathroom), a shower enclosure is a far better option.

These days, there are a wide variety of really stylish options to choose from. If you’ve got the room, and you like contemporary interior design, a truly chic option is to choose a very simple, pared-down walk in shower enclosure. You can choose to either have both sides of the cubicle open, or simply one end for a smaller bathroom. The clear glass gives the illusion of there being no glass there at all, which is very contemporary, however perhaps not suitable for those with young children who may walk into it.

For the truly adventurous, it is not uncommon nowadays to have a double shower. Although strictly probably not necessary (unless you have a very, very busy household!), it is a great design feature and gives that air of real luxury to the contemporary bathroom. Alternatively, you can have a walk-in shower enclosure fitted with various different shower heads at different heights and angles. No longer does a shower have to be a purely overhead experience!

Another very contemporary idea is to have a curving shower enclosure. This is a great option for those with limited space, as it can be fitted into a very small corner and the sliding doors mean there’s no space needed for a swinging door. If you don’t like the idea of a curving enclosure, it’s also possible to have a door that swings inward fitted on your cubicle for smaller rooms. Even if you have no interest in the aesthetics of your bathroom, a shower enclosure is purely the practical choice.

For the older generation, a shower enclosure is far easier to manage than a bath and saves the danger of slippage. Because of the room inside, it is also possible to fit a shower seat. Again, its sleek design saves on cleaning, because there are less areas and materials for mould to cling to, and is amenable to convenience in every way.

It’s easy to see, therefore, that there really is a shower enclosure for every bathroom, every generation and every mood! Don’t stick to your old fashioned bath, then, go for the über modern, ultra chic shower enclosure.